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Acrylic Alchemy

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Diana Thater

Untitled (Kelly)

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Erik Olson, 2011

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Double exposure of a waterfall and a portrait of a friend. Check me out on instagram @ samvoxx

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Tracey Emin, You Loved me Like a distant STAR (2012)
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Petals in his hair and chirping in the air [x]

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London-based artist Zadok Ben David created this incredible installation using 12,000 cut steel botanical specimens modeled from old textbook illustrations, each embedded in a thin layer of sand. On first encountering the sprawling array of plants they appear completely black, thus the installation’s title: Blackfield. However when viewed from the opposite side, a field of black turns into a wall of color.

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Parallel Thirds (by Emilia Arana)

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disney meme

[1/8] locations: paris, france (the aristocats)

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